COOD Cleaning Services

  • COOD Resources (CRL) is the innovative pioneer in the Hospitality industry, and Industrial cleaning services. Our continued product initiatives, quality standards and development have earned us the membership of the London Chamber Of Commerce, Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce and New York Business Council. Therefore, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a pioneer in Hospitality Industry, and industrial cleaning services. Corporate Incentives and promotional items, with over 500 customers in our portfolio and having our presence in Nigeria, Ghana, West Africa, America, and United Kingdom.

  • From office high rises to stadiums to shopping centers, our corporate cleaning services addresses even the most difficult-to-clean properties. Client satisfaction is assured through a step-by-step approach that is unmatched in the industry. Our professional cleaning services covers:
    • 1) Interior Cleaning
    • 2) External Cleaning
    • 3) Supply of Hygiene and Cleaning consumables
    This covers professional cleaner of the entire interior of the office i.e. from the ceiling to the floor of the offices, toilets, corridors, stairs and railings et al.
    HARDFLOOR: (Vitrified tiles and concrete floors)
    • - Deep sweeping with dust control sweepers (at least twice daily: early morning before commencement of business and during lunch breaks). However the corridors, other common areas including staircase, reception etc. will be at high frequency to ensure that remain clean and dust free always.
    • - Damp mopping with jangro floor maintainer or pioneer eclipse neutral cleaner, (early morning before commencement if business, and after hours). To ensure remain sparkling clean and dry always.
    • - The floor will be buffed with high seed buffing machine every morning after damp mopping with floor maintainer.
    • - Detailed stripping i.e. thorough washing with high speed scrubbing machine and stain remover with floor friendly solutions.
    This covers detailed general cleaning of the immediate surrounding
    • - Deep sweeping of terrace and walkways including the car lot (daily routine)
    • - Ranking of lawns and picking around to ensure that the entire compound remains litter free always (daily routine)
    • - Flushing and washing of gutters (regular intervals).
    The required services also include of hygiene and cleaning consumables, including tissue papers, disinfectants, liquid soaps, liquid and block deodorants, scouring powder, soft fragrance, liquid wax etc.

    Removal of cobwebs, dusting and cleaning o filling cabinets, light casing, fans, air conditioner vents, scanners, pictures frames, handsets, computer monitor and keyboards, dusting of walls and damp cleaning where practicable and other general cleaning and touch ups etc. (close intervals to ensure that the entire office from ceiling to the floor, every nook and cranny remains clean and sparkling always). And, - Proper cleaning window glass and panel, window blind, partition panels and pvc, furniture, trash removal, skating, doors and frames, computer, toilets, staircase and railings.